Welcome to schacoustics aps

Electro Acoustical Competencies

  • The highest level of education (M.Sc.E.E. – Acoustics)
  • 30+ years of experience from the international audio industry
  • In-house capacity
       Calculations and simulations of complete electro acoustic systems
       Electro acoustic measurements and analysis
       Controlled listening environment
       Documented listening skills
  • Worldwide professional network
       Leading global partners and suppliers
       Costumers among the world’s most renowned brands

Consultancy Services

  • All appliances of electro acoustic development and analysis
       Pro Audio / Studio Monitors
       High End consumer Loudspeaker Systems
       Home Entertainment and Multimedia
       Automotive Infotainment for luxury cars
       Room acoustics
  • Concept development to final product design
  • Prototyping and electro acoustical systems design
  • Listening tests and sound tuning by ear
  • Dynamic and integrated client cooperation

We are always ready to beat any challenge so please do not hesitate to contact founder and owner Jens Schönemann-Paul.