Newsletter – May 2009


You haven’t heard any news from Schacoustics for a while – but don’t worry: No news is good news!




Two years are not a long time.


Nevertheless a lot have happened since our tiny company opened two years ago and we are now very happy to celebrate the anniversary today, the 1st of May.


Despite starting from completely scratch the company is now fully shaped to beat any challenge in the electro acoustical field. The facilities have been built up and we are constantly expanding and developing to be prepared for the new tasks.


From the early beginning we have focused our activities around pro audio studio monitors and automotive infotainment but we are also covering areas as e.g.  A/V- and multimedia-systems and even room acoustical design. A number of products have already been launched on the market and some have got very good reviews and remarkable reputation in the global electro acoustical world.




Security & Confidentiality


To maintain our reputation for being a reliable and truthful partner we are constantly improving our security and confidentiality routines.


Among the initiatives it is worth to mention that all project data are continuously backed up to dual remote servers placed in carefully temperature controlled rooms with restricted personal access and backup generators. The backup is strongly encrypted and the transmission uses secure SSL connection to guarantee your confidentiality. This backup routine even runs at least daily from our notebooks when working in the field in Denmark or abroad.


To keep your confidentiality, paper documents, your hardware and prototypes safe we have just upgraded our burglar alarm system to a complete new system from Group 4 Securicor with permanent connection to the guarding company’s control center and immediate turn-out if somebody should try to get access to our property.


We have also installed a number of smoke detectors in the building. All smoke detectors are wireless connected to reduce the response time if a fire should arise. The fire risks have been minimized by e.g. a timer for the power connection to the soldering irons and by automatically turning off all equipment, computer systems and the light when out of working hours. If a fire should happen anyhow we have a number of fire extinguishers in the Laboratory and Listening Room as well as in the rest of the building. These extinguishers are delivered and being maintained on regular basis by Falck.



In the media



Under the headline Dream Team Schacoustics’ effort to the BeoSound DBS sound system for the superior luxury sports car Aston Martin DBS is briefly described. The article is found in the latest edition of ‘B&O Magazine, 2009/3’ from renowned audio/video manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. The consumer magazine, printed in a number of app. 855.000 in several languages, can be picked up at any of Bang & Olufsen’s global dealers.


After the launch of the BeoSound DBS sound system back in September 2008 there have been a vast number of articles and reviews all over the world.


The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport’s Autofocus made a thorough group test of high end sound systems designed for four British luxury cars. BeoSound DBS was superier over-all winner and the writer concluded: “Schließlich waren wir unseren Ziel, das beste Soundsystem der Welt zu finden, noch nie so nah wie jetzt.” (Finally our goal, finding the best sound system in the world, has never been this close before.)


Among the internet articles and reviews a few examples are



Aston Martin DBS & Bang & Olufsen BeoSound


Aston Martin DBS: Bangin' with Olufsen

Fifth Gear

Aston Martin DBS Automatic


During the last couple of months similar high end sound systems from Bang & Olufsen have been launched dedicated for the Aston Martin models: DBS Volante, DB9 Coupe and Volante.



Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

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