Newsletter – July 2008


After a very busy springtime with a lot of travelling activities it is now time for summer holiday.


New technology partnership with Mike Thomas



Based on the very promising DXT® technology we have established a partnership with the Danish Mike Thomas to give our own costumers the best opportunities to include this new approach to high frequency dispersion in new products. The technology is already available in a standard product (SEAS H1499-06 27TBCD/GB-DXT) from Norwegian high-end manufacturer, SEAS but the DXT technology can be integrated with a broad range of tweeters from our other driver suppliers as well.


With the new partnership in addition to the already established contacts to driver manufactures all over the world our suppliers and partners are covering a very wide area of drivers in all price- and performance classes.


Still expanding


Always being prepared to go into new challenges the development of our facilities is a newer ending job.


During the last months the equipment has been supplemented by e.g. new sound interface, measurement microphones and a handheld signal generator from NTI.


We have also increased the number of power amplifiers by two Rotel RKB-2100 two-channel amplifiers. We have now a total of 10 Rotel pro-audio amplifier channels of up to 170 W (4 Ohms without bridging) to feed prototype speaker systems – in addition to a number of other power amplifiers of various sizes and designs.



Schacoustics in the media


In connection to the European launch of the Icon DT-5WA at Musikmesse, Frankfurt in March the Danish B2B magazine AVM published a brief article about the product in the printed as well as the online version. The online article – unfortunately only in Danish - can be found here.


Schacoustics and the Audio Engineering Society


At the last general meeting in the Danish section of the Audio Engineering Society the company’s founder and owner, Mr. Jens Schönemann-Paul was elected for the national committee.


Jens Schönemann-Paul has been a member of the AES for a couple of decades, participated in conventions and many other activities and also contributed with papers and presentations on several occasions.


Wish you a great summer time


We wish you a great summer and look forward to serve you again when we are back in business at the start of August.


The office will be closed until the 4th of August – but we will be reading e-mails from time to time, so please do not hesitate to take contact in case of urgent matters.



Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Jens Schönemann-Paul

M.Sc.E.E. (acoustics)

technical consultant & founder


+45 69 10 32 74

+45 30 95 32 74


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